Friday, May 15, 2009

Did You Pray, Mom?

"And a little child shall lead them." --Isaiah 11:6 c

Last night I got home around 6:30 from a long and wonderful afternoon at Black Rock with my class. They are there on a 3-day science retreat. (I don't teach science, but they wanted me to come up for at least part of the time. How sweet.) Went on a long hike through the beautiful Pennsylvania forest, down a muddy, rocky, 45-degree slope to the creek where I snapped tons of pictures as the kids scooped up critters from the rocks and water to examine. Sixty minutes later climbed back up that steep hill for a half hour and, of course, was hot, sweaty, icky, but feeling happy and refreshed.

Came home, took a long, hot bath and accidentally got shampoo in my right eye. It burned like crazy. After getting dressed, it still smarted like the dickens. I couldn't look at the computer screen or the TV or even bear the lamp light. I kept my eye covered with a kleenex and told Joel I couldn't find Waldo with him right now. My eye hurt too much. I just needed to keep it closed and rest awhile is what I told him.

"Did you pray, Mom?"

Gulp. Why, after 33 years as a Christian, does it still not occur to me first thing to pray in a situation? Why? Yes, in a major crisis I do. When I'm stuck for answers or feeling helpless, I cry out to God. But when I think I can fix it myself, it doesn't even occur to me. I don't get it. God has been raising his megaphone because whispers of my self-sufficiency don't always penetrate the spiritual wax build-up in my ears.

"Mom," Joel repeated, snapping me out of my guilty pondering, "did you pray?"

"No, honey, I didn't."

"You should, " he said, "You should always pray." And then he added some sage advice for a 7-year-old. "And keep your eyes open. Keeping them closed makes it worse."

That last line could be its own sermonette.


Kelly said...

Good boy - clearly he's been well taught.

Anonymous said...

Cute. He's a wise little guy.

Laurie Lynn said...

Oh yeah! Out of the mouths of little ones! May we live with eyes open and seeking His face! (But eyes closed near the shampoo!)