Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hiatus Haiku

A haiku is a particular form of Japanese poetry. It is supposed to express a scene or feeling with an action or observation. The format takes three lines: the first has five syllables, the second has seven, and the third has five. Here is mine as I take a break from blogging to put together some special things for my students in the last week of school (which ends Friday) as well as to help Sarah prepare to go away for the summer. (I drive her up to PA on Thursday.)

The blog break is necessary for my productivity. The school break is necessary for my sanity. The mother-daughter break? There are no words. If I start talking about it, my throat gets tight, my eyes water, and I just ...well... yeh...there are no words.

Taking a blog break
To wrap up school year, I'm glad.
But "Bye, Sarah"? Sad.


Laurie Lynn said...

Aasaah!!!! I may go into Zoanna withdrawl!
But I DO understand taking a break! (I'll miss you.)
And saying goodbye to Sarah. Ugh.
She's growing up and away for awhile, but a Mother-Daughter relationships can be enriched as time passes. Changed, but enriched.
Blessings as you do what needs to be done! Nice Haiku.

zz said...

Oh, I'll still read comments and maybe make some, but I think I've been posting too much fluff. You crack me up. Zoanna withdrawal? That's funny. I can't believe my simple life is so magnetic that anyone would miss reading about it. But thanks, just the same.
I need to pause and think about posting something than what I ate for dinner. Not that that's bad, I just need to be less self-important and more God-and-others centered and stop thinking in blog posts all the time. What did I ever do before?

terri said...

Enjoy your break! But enjoy Sarah even more for as long as you have her home. They grow up and go away all to quickly.

Laurie Lynn said...

Hmmm. I wonder if I need to stop thinking in blog posts! In the final analysis, I guess it is inexpensive therapy!