Monday, August 17, 2009

Be a Company Girl

For at least a year now, I've been a Company Girl. Simply put, I enjoy visiting Home Sanctuary, a blog by Rachel Anne Ridge. She is a down-to-earth Christian sister who admits that cleaning is not her greatest passion in life, but who understands that everyone can do a little something every day to make home more of a sanctuary.

Rachel Anne is a funny wordsmith with a knack for motivating homemakers to do one Small Thing. Sometimes the ideas are for cleaning and organizing, sometimes for how to put romance back in your plaid-flannel-pj's-of-a-lovelife, sometimes for stirring our minds to dwell on one lovely thought.

In other words, becoming a Company Girl is not so much about home work (though that is a part of it); it's usually a ticket to fun or a prompt to think in terms of sanctuary within your four walls. Check out the link in my sidebar. I enjoy thinking of myself as one of a group doing things, even when I'm alone. So today I shall be trying to get "off the chain" as I untangle my necklaces, sort my earrings, and round up my bracelets in my jewelry box. Thinking about that makes me oh-so-glad I passed up yet more accessories this weekend. Now if my tongue only had as much restraint as my fingers.

OH, and one more cool thing about Rachel Anne: she gives daily points for doing each Small Thing! At the end of the month, the Company Girl with the most points wins something good--or if she is in a tie--there's a drawing.

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