Thursday, August 20, 2009

What is Going on with our Motors???!

Yesterday was a normal day driving-wise for Sarah. Drove to work, no problem. Drove around town a while, no problem. Drove to JoAnn's and her car decided to leak buckets of antifreeze and overheat big time. I picked her up awhile later and when Paul got home, we filled the coolant thingy with water and got it home. Today Sarah followed me over to our trusty master technician, Ron, for him to fix. No biggie. We had the van. I could take her to work tomorrow if necessary.

So, with the van, we took care of a couple pre-vacation items. On our way home, Sarah wanted to stop for produce at a roadside stand. No problem. Got our cantaloupes, teeny cherry tomatoes, and an onion. Piled back in the van. She turned the key. Nothing happened. Well, actually something pretty kooky happened. All the lights blinked, the CD popped out, and all the dials on the dashboard starting spinning. It was hilarious to see the speedometer go all the way around. "I'm going to get a picture of it at 100," she said. "Sarah, that won't shock anyone. They already know you can do 90." "True," she laughed, "let me wait till it's at 120!"

Laughing aside, we had to call Paul who, thankfully, was on his way home from work. He tried to juice the battery with jumper cables. Nothing. Nada. Poor guy, one car dies on Wednesday, another on Thursday. He tried before and after dinner, to no avail. We just bought the battery in January, and the problem appears to be electrical. So Ron got another call.

I do hope he can fix the problem easily and quickly--as in by Saturday evening. We want to take it on vacation with us--a nine-hour trip each way. We have Paul's car if needed; it's comfy but Sarah and Joel are the only kids going and they are looking forward to taking turns getting the whole back seat to sleep on, and enjoy some movies en route on the DVD player. We've gotten so spoiled by this van on long trips that I am wondering what we'd do without it. God knows our needs. This is just a want--ease and comfort, so I don't even think I should pray along those lines, should I?

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Laurie Lynn said...

Oh, you know God!
He's all about taking care of our needs... and so often delights us with our wants... Doesn't He?
So, I think we should pray along these lines, being always satisfied and thankful with satisfied needs... and satisfied and thankful for the wants He may choose to bestow for extra benefit and blessing!