Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It Would Sure Be Nice if...

Relatives remembered to call on birthdays--yours and your kids'.

Adult always acted like adults and pulled their own weight.

Designers actually designed for you rather than handed you a computer layout and told you to go home and use tape on your floor to measure out where you think everything should go.

We still had potluck dinners at church.

People would email personal stuff more often: not always funny forwards, requests for money, or their political agenda.

Readers of this blog would all leave comments.

My kids wanted to go on vacation with us badly enough to ask off work.

Every pound I lost would stay off without work.

People would call just to say hi and not just when they want something.

Portable phones would recharge themselves no matter where you left them.

Hospitality were prized more than busyness.

My family members would verbally acknowledge the things I do right.

Neighbors knew each other like we did in the old days.

Barking dogs were silenced after three minutes by their owners or police or God or someone.

People could ID every state on a US map.

The hairstyle I wanted would create itself every day and stay that way till I was ready to change it.

We had a different person in the Oval Office. I've never been more afraid for our country than I am right now.

People wouldn't call me a grammar snob just because I love to see apostrophes used correctly. I mean, if you know how to cut a straight line, would you want me to call you a scissors snob?

I'd shut up.

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