Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Working on it

My blog redo, that is. How do I get the "cutest blog on the block" sign moved out of the way?

I want to remove that pen picture in the header, but every time I click on Edit (header) in the dashboard layout, nothing happens. It's stuck. The other buttons work. Can anyone help?

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Laurie said...

I don't know since I've never worked with this, but I saw the sign on another blog using "the cutest blog..." in the right sidebar. Maybe in Layout (or Settings) you can move it? Is there html code? And on another blog I saw a sign for "hot diggity blog" in upper left corner, sort of out of the way, but not as out of the way as sidebar. I've never worked w/ it, but wondered if it changes could be made in Layout?
But maybe you have to go to provider site and make changes! These are my ignorant ideas!