Saturday, August 22, 2009


Tomorrow we are supposed to leave for vacation. Not all of us; the older boys have to work and have already had their beach bumming time this summer.

But I have some concerns to pray about.
1. Will our van be fixed in time or will we have to drive Plan B (Paul's car)?
2. Who will be the chief driver? Paul is running a fever. He thought it was a sinus infection, but now is convinced it's a virus. He's had chills and congestion all morning. I love to drive, but if I know our destination is more than an hour away, I get very sleepy in the first 15 minutes Doesn't matter if I'd had a full night's rest or not.
3.Where is Ruth, my friend and hairdresser? I can't get hold of her. My concern is now only 10 percent vanity at this point, but 90 percent wondering why she hasn't returned my calls. I phoned her 10 days ago, and three days ago, and yesterday. It's not like her. I've tried both her cell and home phone.

The good news is, Molly appears to be fine. No more yuckoes since yesterday. The photo was taken by Joel a couple years ago, I think. He was on a kick of photographing her "sniffer." I chose this photo for the post because I think she looks "concerned."

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Laurie said...

There I was in Google Reader, doing a little "clean up" and your post came in bold and clear. Yes, Molly looks concerned (or bored?- sorry, yes I'm sure she's concerned!)
Unanswered questions are so frustrating! I'm taking them to the LORD!