Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like ...Football

According to Stephen, "Ben's people" are coming over tomorrow. Eleven of them altogether, to "kick off" their Fantasy Football season. This league will dominate Ben's attention, I'm sure. Will he do more accounting of the UB class type, or keeping columns straight based on the gridiron?

I remember the early days when Ben got into Fantasy Football. I really thought it was just child's play, nothing to lose sleep over or prioritize in one's work or school day. How wrong I was. We were homeschooling at the time, and I think Ben was in ninth grade and aspired to become a sports journalist. Recalling stats and scoreboards came as naturally to him as belching. At his young age, he gained respect quickly among the pigskin junkies at church. Skilled in the art and science of trading players, Ben got used to taking first or second place--even among the old married guys.

One of those old married guys (okay, YOUNG married guys) was a swell pastor named Jason Reyes. A die hard Ravens fan, he wasn't about to be shown up by some high school kid. One morning, right in the thick of a history lesson, the phone rang. It was Jason asking to speak with Ben. He sounded cordial, as always, but on a mission, also as usual. I was seriously curious about why Jason needed to speak with Ben. Normally a pastor speaks with the parents first on weighty matters, which I supposed this most certainly was.

I handed the phone to Ben and proceeded to do what any good mother does who wants to keep tabs on her kids: I eavesedropped.

Weighty matter, my behind! (And yes, I mean that in more ways than one.)

Jason had called to trade a player! Ben wasn't fazed by pastoral pressure, either. I heard him pause to consider, counteroffer, laugh, withhold, and finally seal the deal.

Anyway, Ben is now captain of this league and is therefore hosting a big subs-and-wing shindig after church tomorrow. He did all the grocery shopping for it (the guys put money toward it, as is the custom on these things). He's cleaned the basement, set up a table including a tablecloth (I'm impressed!). Looking forward to the excitement in the house tomorrow. I won't be here (can't handle the T Zone--Testosterone Zone--) so I'll be escaping to a bridal shower. The Estrogen Zone.

I have to say I really enjoy watching my children's gifts and talents on display. Ben's organizational skills and social networking (as he loves to call it) tickle me. His collection of money up front for the food and drinks, his bravery to try cooking wings on his own, and his leadership ability in the whole matter. I really am an ardent fan, much moreso of my kids than of football. But a little (or a LOT) of loud, deep, happy voices chatting while picking players from a hat is a pleasure to even the girliest of moms.


Laurie said...

Fun and so foreign since we have no sons! With girls around we always opted for Anne of Green
Gables and the like. We may have had chocolate, cakes and finger sandwiches but subs and wings go with any gender! Ummm!

Zoanna said...

I am so glad God graced me one girl. I don't know what life with only boys would feel like. I know I really missed my daughter for the 2 months she was gone. I feel complete again, at rest in the company of more estrogen !

Zoanna said...

And what I wouldn't give to be invited to an Anne of GG party!

Laurie said...

My Mom always said every woman needs a daughter. I always counted that as a compliment to our Mother/Daughter Relationship, but there is truth to that and a gift in that for sure!
It's a ways to travel, but you are cordially invited to the next "Anne" party! Shall I let you know?!

zz said...

Please DO let me know--and thanks! I've been telling my friend Barb (in KS) we just have to get together...and it's my turn to go there. My parents will be there this Sunday for a couple weeks working on rental properties, but I have to start school. Waaaa.