Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Missionaries in India

Once again I find myself, as a teacher, with more ideas and information that there is time to explore in a typical classroom setting. Right now we are studying India, and I so much want the students to read one missionary biography. Amy Carmichael, William Carey, Mother Teresa.

But there is so little time. In a normal week, I am only with them for my subjects (writing, grammar, history, geography, and art) for about 10 hours a week. On paper that looks like plenty, but in reality? No way.

If I could whet their appetites for missions with just one missionary's story,who would it be? Who would you choose?


Danielle said...

Mother Teresa. I've wanted to read her bio for a while, and already am very familiar with the other two.

Laurie said...

Jim and Elisabeth Elliot. If one has "romantic notions" of being a missionary, their story might "cure" that. And if the Lord is truly calling someone to the mission field, their story is one to inspire true reliance, dependance and trust in God.

zz said...

In the interest of time and India specifically, I chose one off my home library shelves: Amy Carmichael. I read ch. 2 to the class (more exciting than ch. 1) and got them "hooked" with Amy's youthful pranks at boarding school.

Rachel McC said...

As far as whetting appetites, I would suggest one of Piper's swan's series books. Filling up the Afflictions of Christ is the title. 3 guys in one book, Tyndale (think Bible translating under persecution) and Paton & Judson--both missions would fit your missions requirement. That would be a "brief" intro to whet young appetites to desire biography, especially those boys that don't wanna read!! :) And get them excited about what God might want to do through them.