Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Reading List from 2009

1. the backs of cereal boxes
2. the price tags at my favorite stores (Ross, Marshalls, and Target)
3. the menu at every restaurant we went to
4. too many blogs
5. too many Facebook statuses (or is it "stati"?)
6. Birds & Blooms in the bafroom
7. Guideposts (regular font, tragically realizing that "senioritis" is not just for 17 year-olds)
7. my Bob Jones Heritage Studies 6 Teacher's Manual every Sunday night
8. art books for children
9. two personal letters, six birthday cards. and a dozen Christmas cards--the extent of "real mail" in my lonely curbside receptacle.
10. a college essay or two for a child who bribed me to actually write the thing
11. anything that started with the words, "Congratulations, you've won..."
even if I knew they just wanted my money.
12. a few good Christian growth books, a novel for each hand I possess, and a couple of cookbooks (not cover to cover, mind you)--none of which I can really remember. Oh yes, I do. I remember Love to Eat, Hate to Eat (which, for the most part I was convicted by, but which was too wordy in places, which is ironic coming from the Lady of Liberal Locution, which if I were giving stars for rating, would give it 2.5 out of 4). I also read Anne of the Island and can fairly say I don't hold a proverbial candle in the Gift of Gab category compared to Anne Shirley, but I am kindred spirits with her and wish I had her "scope for imagination" at all times.

I know I read other things--honest-to-goodness good books-- but I am a very slow reader and have a poor memory and should've reviewed them as I went. I guess I was too busy reading Facebook stati.

Here's to a more bibliophilic new year .

(I think I just made up that word. It's got a red underline under it. Anne Shirley would be proud.)


Zoanna said...

Actually, no, "bibliophilic" is a real word which Spell Check does not have in its vernacular.

And I remembered other book titles:

The Testament -- by John Grisham. (I'm a decade behind readingwise.)
I couldn't put it down, got so intrigued by the plot, the local color, the recognizable setting of DC, and all the lawyer talk. I wanted to be a prosecutor once upon a time.

Things Pondered--by Beth Moore. A collection of her personal poems, short essays, devotionals. Mostly a feel-good book, but made me laugh and cry. 3 stars.

By the way, I didn't accept the bribe mentioned in my post. Just so ya know, I do have scruples. I always tell my kids, "Nope, I am not gonna write your paper. I paid my dues."

Zoanna said...

Oh, and I read "Change of Heart" by Jodi Picoult, after reading reviews by bloggers whose opinions I value.
I didn't see the "twist" coming, thankfully. I laughed out loud and resisted reading several hilarious passages to my less-than-interested audience in the home. The self-deprecating humor of the chunky lawyer/narrator I could so identify with. However, the language was foul in places and the religious views quacky--made me appreciate her reasearch, though--). 2 stars for humor and intrigue.

If I keep filling my comment box, maybe I'll realize I should have drafted a post instead. sorry@

Laurie said...

Honestly! You read a good many books! No, reading blogs may not be the as good books perhaps, but some blogs do "count"! (Yours, for instance...)
Can you imagine reading "Anne's blog"?

zz said...

Oh my stars, "Anne's Blog"?~! I would love it--and never get a lick of work done around here.

Thanks for saying my blog "counts." For what, I'm not sure, but I feel the same about yours.