Sunday, January 24, 2010

Holy Spirit Humor

Paul and I have the privilege of being part of the teaching team in children's church once a month. Today during the assembly, Mr. Jared held up a U-turn sign and asked the kids what it was.

"It's a U-ey!" said one of the youngsters.

A little later, Mr. Jared held up a card with the word "REPENT" on it. He explained that it means to turn around and go the other way: if you're going this way sinning, turn around. Miss Beth, his wife, reminded the children that Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to help us repent.

"Yeh!" called out a little boy. "He helps you do a U-ey!"


Laurie said...

I likey the U-ey! I may never look at that sign the same way!

Zoanna said...

I thought the same thing. It'll always from now on be God's little "sign" to me, should I be sinning on the road (a very good likelhihood).