Friday, January 01, 2010

MMM: Habakkuk 3

Once again, by way of Amy's prompting, I will be joining in the Mega Memory Month. Last January I memorized Philippians 2:1-18.

Both last year and this, when I read about MMM, I dragged my heels, made excuses, and then prayed for grace to tackle a chunk of verses. Oh, if I'd only skip the first two things and head right for the throne of grace.

Memorizing is not too terribly hard for me; I have a photogenic memory:) I mean photographic. I can make up mnemonics for myself and have learned various tricks over the years for memorizing different things.

What keeps me from plunging headlong into memorizing more of the Bible? Fear of attack. It's the knowledge that once I start, Satan will go on the offensive. He always does when God's child wants to scootchy up into Abba's lap and learn more or take up arms against the devil through scripture .

I've decided that, since I am making an effort to ponder God's majesty this year, that I would start by memorizing Habakkuk 3. I will be doing so in the ESV.

Poetic and powerful, it'll be the perfect start to MMM for me.

How about you? Will you join? "Mega" scripture is different for everyone. For me it's more than three verses at a time. Habakkuk 3 has 19 verses, and by God's grace, I can memorize it in a month.

Here it is over at Bible Gateway.


Ann Kroeker said...

Yay! I'm delighted to know we'll be in this together--though I wish I had your photographic memory (you definitely are photogenic!). Amy is really gifted at memorizing.

As for me, they don't call it "memory WORK" for nothin'. I struggle.

But I'm going to use the tips and tricks and hopefully it will stick.

(Hey, I think that might have rhymed a little.)

Amy said...

so glad you're joining in. what a wonderful chapter to memorize!

and I love your new blog background, too :) happy new year, Zo!

Linda said...

What an interesting choice to memorize. Very beautiful!

I'm joining in by memorizing Psalm 139 and a favorite poem.

May God bless our efforts!