Friday, January 29, 2010

Gratitude List, January 15-29

Here's my 5-Thanks-a-Day List for the past two weeks.

ability to breathe easily
fruit smoothies
Haitian relief aid workers
afternoon of playing games
hot showers

scented candles
fluffy towels
ability to organize
freedom to fly the flag

worshiping with other saints
God's rhetorical questions to Job (and me) in Ch. 42
Icy Hot
refreshing sneezes
mental health

Mama's safe return from NM
my parents' love for each other
blue skies
Birds & Blooms magazine

artistic expression
petroleum products
children's smiles
comfy shoes
God's steadfast love

a day off
friendly, not-pushy carpet salesman
our care group

construction papers
a caring school principal
Paul's intelligence
Steve's new boss, a true servant

toilet paper
quiet house in early morning
phone call from a loving friend
promises of God's provision
generosity of fellow believers

BB's grocery store
spontaneous fellowship on Friday night
Steve's safety while snowboarding
gospel-preaching pastors in India

Holy Spirit helping me do a "U-ey"
presentation of Craig's trip to Burma
sign language
college for the kids
people who excel in their gifts

waking up from bad dreams
Mondays are clean slates
pleasure of starting and finishing projects
adoption, both physical and spiritual

having a veteran's perspective of homeschooling
Squeezable jar of strawberry jam
scarf from Barb
intricate graphic of twigs against sky

friendship with many people
feeling of getting my hair done
having someone compliment my new "do"
fun-to-carry tote bags
tasting real Belgian chocolate

teaching geography with field trips
Sizzling Bombay restaurant
desire to love people of other cultures
Ben's accounting internship equals 3 credits
Sarah's liking her first 4 days at TU

calming effect of floating tea lights
figurative language in Proverbs 5
sweet, happy chatter of little children
God's mercy on a very sick student
no fear of my own death

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Rachelle said...

I love this list! Lots of things on there I am thankful for too. Thank you for continuing to remind us, by example, to be thankful always.