Friday, May 28, 2010

The Carpet Man Cometh

Can't wait till tomorrow. We get new carpet in the family room and basement. Paul has been working like an ox after his 10 hours at the office. Painting, pulling up old carpet, moving furniture. I've been his helpmeet. I'm almost a no-help-meet at this point, I'm so sore and burnt out from deciding where to relocate the junk.

Gave away a big craft table/cabinet. Debated long and hard about it. But it finally came down to this: ugly and practical versus pretty and well-used. It was the former, so I gave it the boot. Thank you, VVA pick-up truck. Gave away 2 big bags of fabric and 2 bags of cluttah, too. That's in addition to the van load I took to Goodwill after my $22 yard sale flop.

Feelin' good. Good 'n tired. Did I mention tired?

Ready for a long weekend in more ways than one.

And I'm SOOOOO lovin' the leather furniture!

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