Friday, May 07, 2010

Tooting My Own Horn

I decided that I was being harder on myself than I should be when it comes to sharing my life. Yes, there are times I'm self-absorbed with the blog, but it is a weblog--a journal--that I more often type than would take the time to write out shorthand. The really ugly stuff I keep to myself. (So if you think you've read ugly, you ain't read nothing yet. And, I hope, you won't.)

Truth is, I am usually inspired by seeing what other people are making, doing, taking pictures of, laughing about, sorrowing over, etc. If I like it, I comment usually. If I don't, I'm either being lazy, in a real rush, or being selfish by withholding kudoes. Sometimes I'm just not all that affected, or I think it's tacky, or there are 73 other comments akin to what I'd say.

All that to say this: I have decided that I will probably add a category for myself when I post something that feels like self-absorption to me. I will call it--on purpose--Tooting My Own Horn,
or TMOH. (I don't think "tooting" would be the ideal abbreviation, do you?) I say "for myself" so that, if I see an egregious amount of posts under that heading, I know it's time for a change.


2cats said...

That's a great idea.

Laurie said...

Understood. :)

Amy said...

like. I think you should call it "tooting" though :D