Friday, May 14, 2010


Stephen just informed me that Linda, whom I wrote about earlier, was given 2 weeks or less to live, according to a Facebook status posted by her younger son.

Oh, this leaves me in tears. What an ugly disease cancer!

How can I help? What can I do? Pray, yes. What else?


2cats said...

Even though prayer never seems like enough, it is always just the right thing to do.

zz said...

You are absolutely right. I didn't mean it to sound minimal. I believe it's the most a person can do, not the least. Calling on God who is able to do all things is a true privilege. But I want to do something practically, I just don't know what. Thankfully their church is taking care of meals. I haven't seen her husband at all . He must be constantly at her side. They took her to hospice today.

Marie said...

Ia she at Stella Maris? That's where Scott is.