Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello, Jeff.

A really swell soldier named Jeff came and spoke to my class while he was on leave at Easter. He absolutely thrilled them with his talk of army life as he knows it. I can't show pictures of my students, but here are a couple of Jeff, who gave me permission to post his likeness online. (Here he is showing us his Ferrari stickers on his laptop and explaining the "backwards" flag on his sleeve--that is, placed the way it would be viewed by another person if carried by someone else--field first, stripes following.) They also keep the patch colors "dull" so as not to be easily seen by enemies. These details--plus all the specs on the guns and ammo, of course--made for a riveting hour and a half for my class and the younger ones.

We're praying for you, Jeff, and hope you're safe. How are the violin lessons coming along? Thanks again for taking time to visit us while you were home.

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