Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn Tour of Homes: Oct 11th

Hey, fellow homemaking bloggers! How's about we do another tour of homes, this time for fall? It also gives me added incentive to have a date on the calendar and turn good intentions (ie decorating, cleaning, purging, weeding, whatever it takes for a good photo shoot) into reality.

So, since my family usually gets pumpkins by the second weekend in October, I am going to slate Monday, October 11th, for my virtual Autumn Tour of Homes. I've enjoyed doing this for Christmas and summer; looking forward to making an official date to post a tour for autumn.

If you'd like to join, chime in with a comment here and let us know to be watching your blog for coming attractions! Light those candles, bake those pies, hang those wreaths, or arrange those pumpkins...whatever you do to usher in fall.

Can't wait to have company in this venture!


Jessi said...

Sounds like fun Zoanna! You can count me in!

zz said...

Great, Jessi! (I thought so:)

Laurie said...

I'm praying for inspiration!
(Well, you've inspired me!) I guess now I should pray for getting it done!!