Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ideal Job

I was telling my care group tonight that it's been somewhat of an epiphany to me that
I don't have to enjoy homeschooling. It's my job right now. And I actually have liked it this week.)

Somehow I --and it seems other women I know-- feel they have to like a job to even consider taking it, or they quit as soon as they can if the job isn't something they're fond of. I guess I'd bought the cultural lie that if I don't like it, it's not for me.

Well, guess what? This is really kind of funny to admit. Hello? How many people don't like their job but they stick with it because it pays the bills and feeds the family? And I don't just mean in this bad economy. I have been hearing women and men both complain about their jobs for the past 20 years. Just seems like women talk more about their feelings toward co-workers, whereas men refer to the workload or the pay not suiting them.

I think I'll try to start viewing my job as a homeschooler more like a man would from now on. But I will try not to complain about the load or the pay. They're both pretty light:) As for my co-workers, I love them all! Not that I see them much around here during the school day.

Just let me know if my manly viewpoint ends up with this chick wearing muscle shirts and
a moustache. I tend to take things a bit far.

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Amy said...

I struggle with thinking this way a LOT. So often I find myself inwardly whining, "but I don't LIKE this! this isn't FUN!"

the obvious (but never obvious to me at the time) question is, SO WHAT? this is the good work God has prepared for me to do...whether it is "fun" is beside the point...I need to do it faithfully and ask Him for grace to do it joyfully.