Saturday, September 11, 2010

"To Old Friends, Great Memories, and New Adventures"

Darin used to have a
dark brown Welsh
pony named Chocolate.
That pony had a strong
gait and a weak bladder.
Seems it always stopped
to pee whenever it was my
turn to ride. One time he
took off galloping back to
the barn with my sister
on his back. She had to
crouch down on his neck
to avoid being scraped by
tree limbs. But despite his
shortcomings, Chocolate was
one of our best friends. So was

A few classmates. Oh-so-70s, huh?

Brenda, Barb, and I spent
a couple hours flipping
through elementary school
yearbooks. Then we raised
a toast.

The parsonage, my
favorite girlhood home.

The carport out back,
flanked by a garage
and chicken coop. We
played house for hours
and hours.
Tires for furniture.
Boxes for appliances.
Towels for curtains.
(I always tried
to be the mom, but people
didn't like my bossiness.
Some things never change.)

Mrs. Grose,
my precious third
grade teacher.
Under her picture, "'Barbie"
as she was called.

Snippets of conversation:
"Whatever happened to

"Oh, he's a pilot now."

"Look at her. So cute! I bet she got into modeling. "

"I tried it, but decided the
money was better as a jockey."


Laurie said...

What great photos and a celebratory reunion!!!
I love it!
Barb's school pic. is darling!

Rachelle said...

I love "The parsonage" it reminds me of something from the movie North and South(like the parsonage in Hellington).
So glad you got to have this time with friends!