Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How Do You Do..?

The rest of the question is "laundry, to your satisfaction?"

From a discussion at Small Notebook, it's clear that everyone has "their way" of doing laundry. Some think "everything gets done in cold" is fine. Cheapest way to go and soap does the trick. Others say, 'Depends on the load. Cold for colors, warm for permanent press, hot for whites." Still others think it doesn't matter, just spin the dial and get 'er done! Some people have an ironing day and do it all at once. Some say, "As needed. Hang it up and out of the way till I need to wear it." Others ask, "Iron? I take mine in a pill. That's about it."

Bleach, no bleach, Oxi-Clean, fragrance/fragrance-free? A load or two a day, just on the weekends, or a mountain on Monday? Seems everyone has "their" way and it works (or it doesn't and they desperately want a method that does).

Live out of baskets? Fold and put away dutifully in one smooth motion? Clear the bed to go to sleep? Oh, the list of "ways" seems hilariously endless.

And how about sorting? That seems a bit more split down the male/female aisle, but sometimes a woman has converted her man or vice versa. How about you? I'm really curious, laundry nerd that I am.


Laurie said...

Laundry nerd!!!
Oh my! I do a little of each on your list, but mostly I love clean smell-good clothes! That should help me love laundry... but I don't!! UGH! Sorting is no prob.
3 Hampers: lights, darks, work jeans
Getting it done boggles me a bit, but when we run out of unders, laundry gets done! (Okay, I confess: My dear hubby, on more than one occasion, has bought unders at Dollar GHeneral because he knew he was out and I wasn't getting to it! It used to highly offend me if he 1)started laundry on his own or 2) Bought underwear if he had to.
Now we've decided to work together to keep track and get it done!~ (Or shop for new unders!)
Usually when the hamper lids won't close, laundry gets done!
When I need my favorite top and it's in the hamper, laundry gets done (though I've been known to pull out the top and hand wash it!)
Ironing: only in dire circumstances.
Laundry Scent: Gotta have it. It depends on sales and what I'm in the mood to smell...
I like a bit of bleach in whites, but I have learned to respect the power of bleach splatters or spills!
I guess I'm not a laundry nerd!
A nerd, yes, but not a laundry nerd!!
Sorry about my lengthy comment!

Leanne said...

We do a lot of laundry. 3 loads, in fact. I call them light, dark, and Josh. Josh is a daily, or every other day, occurrence. "Free" detergent, oxyclean if there are stains (and when are there not?), warm water. Light and dark...a couple times a week. Usually cold water, because I can't risk my stuff shrinking (darn long legs). Detergent, fabric softener. Wash, hang all the cotton stuff of mine, dry everything else - when my dryer works.

Rachelle said...

We wash 1-2 loads/day. I usually wash the biggest pile (darks, whites or lights).Darks (lots of jeans) and light are washed warm, whites are washed hot with bleach. The farming thing=lots of dirt.
I only use liquid detergent and/or bleach(I decided stain removers were a waste, better to soak with a little detergent when needed).
I try to always hang or fold clothes straight out of the dryer (and if I miss them they get tossed for a few minutes then hung/folded).
I do not iron unless I have to; Clyde irons his own clothes as needed. We try to buy "no iron" shirts.
Blake(16) is responsible for his own laundry. He washes all of his stuff randomly together (whites, darks, etc)-haha. I did warn him that if he ever gets married this will probably not be acceptable, but for now it's fine with me!

Laurie said...

There is VALUE in a good stain -fighting stick like Shout or Spray n Wash! Before tossing clothing item into hamper, smear treatable stain w/"solid stain stick" and let the pre-treatment begin in the hamper! Can you dig it? I do NOT enjoy the trouble and TIME it takes to look over each item before dropping the load into the washer... The stain stick sort of goes with the "A stitch in time saves nine" idea!