Monday, December 06, 2010

21 Bucket List for 2011

I've been thinking of things I'd love to try, do, make, or otherwise check off my bucket list in the New Year. In no particular order:

1. Have a regular game night every month with my friends. I need more fun in my life.
2. Redecorate the living room. The sofa and chair are very comfy but quite outdated and too big fo the space.
3 Memorize Romans 5 or 8 . Haven't decided for sure.
4. Lose 46 pounds before I'm 46 (late August).
5. Do a 5K run/walk for a good cause.
6. Visit my sister Rachel in TX.
7. Visit my sister Andrea in AZ.
8. Celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary (next December) in Europe. (A girl can dream, can't she?)
10. Do something special for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary (October).
11. Take an art class at the community college. (Preferably painting.)
12. Have necessary surgery and recover quickly from it.
13. Learn to play our hammered dulcimer. I aspire to play like the late Rich Mullins. I would start with "Jesus Loves Me" and, if I mastered that, aspire to play the music to the song "Creed,"as heard in the background of this video.
14. Get professional counseling and be finally free of longstanding issues in my life.
15. Support my friend Bonnie in Zambia in myriad ways--prayer, money, cards, care packages, etc.
16. Make one new dish from a different culture each month, including the beef stew as seen in the movie Julie & Julia.
17. Help Ben move out, per his desire to have a place of his own after college graduation.
18. Remodel the master bathroom.
19. Visit the Brownes in NH.
20. Sponsor another child.
21. Read at least 13 books in various genres.

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Laurie said...

Again I applaud you for goal setting or visioning or faith casting!!! And I say, "If the Lord wills." and "In His grip of grace!" Press on!