Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't Like to Hear or Say the "C" Word (Circumcision)

Thanks to Rachel at Home Sanctuary, I'm taking the opportunity to write about something I savored today--some sweetness and warm fuzzies in the middle of the hurried, harried moments of late December.

The things I savored today:
-the spontaneity of my husband taking the day off
-watching my older kids drive off for the weekend to respective friends' gatherings
-seeing my husband take care of the Jeep they were taking by topping off fluids and checking their tire pressure and then praying with them for their safety
-admiring the white dusting of snow and the husband who shoveled the driveway off
-learning about faraway places with my 8 year old. Today: Egypt.
-listening to my hubby read Genesis chapter 17 aloud without stopping to feign a soprano "ouch!" when he got to the part about Abraham circumcising himself and doing the same deed to his 13-year-old son
-our 8 year old son not stopping his dad to ask what circumcision is
-reading another book while snuggling the boy under a pile of blankets, and having him play with my hair.
-hanging up ultrasuede, camel-toned curtain panels at the sliding glass door for the fourth winter in a row, and realizing I still like them. That was $30 well spent.
-hearing our youngest child thank God twice --once before lunch, once before dinner--that "Dad took the day off and stayed home"
-making hot chocolate from a block of Abuelita cocoa and some milk and sugar. and drinking it from one of my happy mugs.
-clearing clutter, lighting the tree, smelling an Almond Cookie candle...

Nothing big, Nothing grand. Just a few simple, sweet moments I've savored in the week before Christmas. Sweet things said--and thankfully, some things said but not discussed.


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

This just brought a smile to my heart. It's so easy to miss the simple things that our lives are made up of on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing as it caused me to think of many, many simple things that also bring a smile to my heart.

Christmas blessings!

One More Equals Four said...

Beautiful! You just have to love the simple things sometimes! Hope you have had an amazing, simple weekend!

Katharine said...

What a great list of simple pleasures! I'm late stopping by from Company girls, hope your weekend was wonderful!

Laurie said...

"Simple pleasures are the best" they say and I say, "Simple is sometimes completely and complexly big and rich!