Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sew Much Fun: Dala-la-la-la

Every now and then I get the urge to sew. I have to be inspired, and this Christmas I have been.

I was inspired to make a pillow and a small tote for my blogging friend, Laurie. (She already opened the gifts, so I can show pictures now!) The fabric just "called" her name--the colors and design remind me of the Swedish Dala horses of Lindsborg, Kansas and, I hoped, coordinate with her decor as best I could remember it. (I second-guessed myself a few times about the busy fabric, but the love is there in the busy-ness of my choice anyway.)

She gave me the mug in the summer for my birthday. Can you see the inspiration I took from it? (I wrapped the pillow before thinking to photograph it, but it's a simple 16" square, knife-edge number in matching fabric.)

The lining of the bag is a repurposed cloth napkin I had that was too silky to stay in one's lap!
But it dressed up and bulked up the cotton bag. I found pale yellow buttons in Sarah's button stash and used my Bible and journal as guidelines for sizing. The pillow is for fun and comfort anywhere she wants to use it.

Got something in the till for Joel (which I hope I don't forget about!) . While sewing, a hand needle got lodged in the guts of my machine, and Joel took the bottom plate off and rescued it--plus found two wheat pennies that made him ecstatic. For a mechanical guy who collects coins, my loss was his gain!

All told, I had a lot of fun making stuff this year for people I love.


Kelly said...

I love it! Well done for obeying the inspiration - much as it's wonderful to make things, that can be quickly hefted to one side to make room for all the other nonsense that calls for attention. You did a marvellous job.
And though I've never been called "hat-hyper" before, I think it has a certain ring to it...;)

Laurie said...

It is perfect! The inspiration and loving hands put into it are priceless! Thank you for matching the gift to me! Oh my! What fun! I love that you repurposed a silky cloth napkin and the bright, beautiful fabric is NOT too busy! It is celebratory with a Swedish flair! Thank you for the blessing of handmade gifts and the blessing of your sweet friendship! I'm blessed!
I think it's funny that Joel found wheat penny treasures like that!

zoanna said...

Kelly, thanks. That means a lot, coming from an accomplished seamstress.

Laurie, I'm so glad you like it. "Celebratory" is a great word for how I was feeling--celebrating the memory of our face-to-face meeting in Lindsborg, KS this year:) Yeah, of all types of pennies..wheat. Perfect!