Tuesday, November 06, 2012

20 and 12: Wanna Play Along?

Since our beloved hostess Joyce is taking a necessary and well-deserved break from the Hodgepodge this week (for things like...oh...recovering from Superstorm Sandy), and since so many of us love to answer questions and keep in touch, I'm going to start my own sort of  meme today.

I Call it TWELVE QUESTION TUESDAY, but feel free to jump in on Wednesday or whenever you catch this post.

No cute button to grab here, but if you want to play along, leave a comment in the box telling us. We'll use your name to link.  Copy and paste the questions to your blog, but replace my  answers with yours.

The idea is "2012"; you answer 12 questions with 20 or fewer words. Ready to play?

1.  So,  who do you think will win the 2012 Presidential election?  Why?

Tough call, but I think Mitt Romney will be moving in to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  I will be smiling.

2.  Do you have a pet or two or more? Tell us about them .

Two dogs.  Brownie, adopted GSP, 98 years old and sweet. Reilly, 2.5 Golden, fills a room with his personality.

3.  Have you experienced a blizzard, and if so, how deep was the snow?

A few Maryland blizzards.  Deepest I recall was 28 inches in 2009.  I loved it, quite honestly!

4.   What are your favorite hours of the day? Why?

I like 8-11 a.m.  New energy, fresh coffee, quiet house, most productive, chats with my fifth grader in the van.

5.   What is your favorite color? Has it always been, or has it changed through the years?

Purple. It's usually been purple, but I've sometimes swung toward green, red, and pink.

6.   Paper or plastic? What type of MONEY do you usually pay with? (Debit, credit, cash)?

Credit. But we pay off our balance every month. I prefer  the feel and smell of
cold, hard cash, though!

7.   Do you enjoy a mani-pedi?  Just a manicure but not a pedicure, or vice-versa?

Don't like feeling nails cut or filed, but the massage and the prettying-up and softening, yes.  Maintenance/luxury combined.

8.    Have you ever witnessed or been victim of a robbery or burglary?

Twice. Once in Canada while sleeping above a radio store.   Once at Christmas, while we were out tree shopping.

9.    Would you prefer to spend your sunset years at the beach, in the mountains, or on the prairie?

Anywhere the grandchildren are (and they aren't yet born or conceived, that I know of).  Preferably here in Maryland!

10.  Which color of fall leaves is your favorite?  

Gold.  I am smitten with gold!  Yellow gold when it comes to leaves!

11.  Are you a game player? Which one(s) do you especially enjoy?

Yes, word games like Balderdash, Scrabble, Words with Friends. Also Pit, Clue, Battleship, Masterpiece. Not Sorry, Parcheesi , Bop-it, or chess.

12.  Would you consider yourself a Type A or Type B personality? Why? 

Mostly B ( social, leisure-oriented, emotional, somewhat flexible). But type A (pretty competitive, decisive, goal-oriented). Married an A+ guy!



Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Cute meme and if I had not already prepared a post to replace Hodgepodge then I'd sure participate. Will you be doing this from now on, or was this just a one time substitute?

Happy Wednesday!

Zoanna said...

I'm not sure. I'll see what the response is.

Laurie said...

Fun Meme!
You would love the golden Cottonwoods of Kansas!
Are you saying you were robbed while out shopping for a tree or you witnessed a tree robbery while out shopping!?

Zoanna said...

Laurie, in 1992 we went to Ikea to buy a Christmas tree. When we got home, our house had been burglarized. Sick, sick feeling. .

Zoanna said...

Laurie, in 1992 we went to Ikea to buy a Christmas tree. When we got home, our house had been burglarized. Sick, sick feeling. .

Laurie said...

Oh no!!! "Sick sick feeling" for sure.
Ugh…. I'm so sorry for your experience.