Monday, November 12, 2012

Twelve Question Tuesday Questions

Using 20 words or fewer for each question, answer the following 12 random questions.

I created this meme last week rather spur-of-the moment. Join in if you want to. Think "2012" and you've got the idea. Come back tomorrow, read my answers, and then link up with a comment. Simple, huh?  (Your comment can exceed 20 words, by all means, but not your answers when you blog them.)

1.  How often do you eat off paper plates at home?

2.   Do you have a favorite mug, cup, or glass? Describe it.

3.   What laundry detergent do you use most often? 

4.    If you were a new bride registering for wedding gifts, what are some things you would put on it?

5.   Assuming your spouse is your best friend, how would you describe your NEXT best friend?
If you're not married, describe your best friend.

6.   What kind of music did you most recently listen to, and was it played on something electronic, or did you hear it live?

7.    Do you have a special Thanksgiving tradition that you really look forward to every year? What is it?

8.    The last time you injured yourself, how did it happen?

9.    What is your typical Tuesday evening like, from about 4-10 pm?

10.   How long does it take you to get out of bed once you wake up in the morning ? Do you hit the snooze a lot, do you not even use an alarm, or are you a "rise and shine!' kind of person, eager to start the day?

11.   What shoes do you wear most often?

12.   Ibuprofen (like Motrin or Advil), acetomenophin (Tylenol), or aspirin (like Bayer)? Which one do you reach for most often for aches and pains? Or do you try other remedies first?

There ya go.  Answer away, and remember every word counts.  Only 20 per answer. Can you do it?

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