Thursday, November 01, 2012

Hallowed Gossamer, Batman! She Writes Crazy Stuff.

Susan, a wonderful wordsmith not just on Wednesdays, writes with wit and wisdom over at her blog,  thecomtemplativecat. 

Delores, another clever blogger, came up with a creative writing prompt for the midweek, for whomever needs or wants to "give it a whirl." On Wednesdays she challenges bloggers to look at her string of selected, random words and then compose a short piece of prose, poetry, or what-have-you that ties them together.  (Or not. You may choose one, some, or all to craft your piece.)  Serious, funny, doesn't matter.  Most importantly, it should  not gag anyone on alliteration  or assonance as my first sentence just did.  Sometimes I just canst helps meselfs.

Anyhow, Susan teamed up with Delores to provide this week's batch of words.

 Susan's words (for yesterday, actually) are these:

fluttering      cry      candles        gossamer        echoing       hallowed

Here's my first attempt at this prompt.

Fluttering candles cry, "Gossamer!"

Echoing candles cry, "Gossamer! Gossamer! Gossamer!"

Darn de person h'allowed dat blankety blank gossamer t'get so close t'dem candles in de first  place!

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this is terrific.