Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Business called Epic Sports,

I gotta say, what you make your customers listen to while they're on hold is unique.  Most companies play advertising, trying to get (already upset) customers to buy more from them (oddly enough) while they impatiently hold the line. Some companies play elevator music. But not you.  You play corny jokes and only semi-funny headlines. Super corny. I checked the website when I asked myself, "Where in the WORLD are these people from anyway? I mean, these jokes sound like the kind I heard growing up and can't get away from!"   Well,  whaddya know? Epic Sports is located in Wichita, Kansas. That explains everything.

Dear Ladies in my new Bible Study,

You warm my heart. Your faith builds my faith. The way you pray so hard for people
and make a point to send emails that follow up with praise reports or to ask for more prayer, I just love that. Today I thought Kim's roof was going to lift off as we were "storming heaven" on behalf of someone they know who is a believer but has gotten back into the bondage of drugs. You ladies care for each other so diligently and aren't satisfied with good intentions; you follow through and act on them. You are generous. Thank you for financially blessing friends of mine who are adopting four boys from Brazil. You don't even know them, but you gave more than enough to outfit those boys with new winter coats.  And when one of the ladies said, "Can we provide meals for "Louise" who is caring for her three grandkids while her daughter is in the hospital," many of you jumped at the chance!"

Dear TakeThemaMeal.com,

What a Godsend you are. When a group of folks want to provide meals for a needy person or family,
you make it easy to coordinate. One person gathers the facts from the recipient about how many people to feed, the dietary restrictions/preferences, how often the person needs meals delivered, and the rest is just as easy.  There's a chart for each cook/deliverer to fill in with his or her name, meal bringing, and date. Easy peasy. I have been blessed by TTAM as both giver and receiver of meals. You can click on and see who is bringing what when. It cuts out so many phone calls and emails, insures a sick person won't get five lasagnas in a row, and just takes a burden off the recipient when the burden of  sickness is already heavy. 

Dear Gluten-Free crackers,

I like you.  Too bad you cost a lot. But at least I can afford you since I've given up a whole section of the store called The Bakery.

Dear Piece of Fallish Fabric,

How do you like being tied with a rubber band and hanging on the front door?  You were just laying around taking up space in my basement, but so pretty that I chose you to be the first thing I see when I get home.  I'm sorry you have to put up with corn. You had enough of that on the inside of the house, didn't you, poor thing?  Thanks for cooperating when I scrunched you into a bow of sorts. I could've taken a needle to you, but thank goodness I'm lazy.



Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Well, what a great idea in the TakeThemaMeal. Someone was on the ball with that!

Cute idea for your front door! I have all kinds of fabric around here. Might have to try using in some fashion such as that.

Enjoyed your letters and wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Joyce said...

It never would have occurred to me to use fabric in that way-so clever! See, this is why you're the artiste : )

So glad you are loving your new bible study group!

Susan Kane said...

Simple harvest idea! Clever.