Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Tour of Homes, Beginning Dec 6

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

I'm excited to decorate for Christmas this year. I haven't started, but I know some of you have--and a few have already finished. I can't believe that!

Do you find it fun to take a virtual peek into other friends' homes at the holidays? I do.  And I find it super motivating to declutter, clean, and decorate for an upcoming blog photo shoot of my own! 

If you want to participate in the Christmas Tour of Homes on your blog, let me know. I'll look forward to visiting you from the comfort of my recliner.  And you can come back here and check out what this house is looking like. I'm kicking off the Tour  on Thurday, December 6th.  I don't know how to use Mr. Linky yet, but I'll try to figure it out. (Techy stuff is not my forte.)

HoHoHo, it's off to deckin' the halls I go! See you soon!

1 comment:

Carrie B said...

Well, I'm game!
I love to 'visit' other homes and see their decorations!
I'm not sure I'll be ready (that early) by the 6th but I'll get there eventually!