Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Twelve Questions Tuesday

This is just a little meme I made up.  There are 12 questions;  the one "rule" is that you have to limit each answer to 20 words.  Want to join? Sure you do! Simply copy the questions to your blog if you have one, and leave a comment so we can find ya.

1. How often do you eat off paper plates at home?

 Twice a month, maybe.   I don't get much "dining pleasure" from paper, and easily fill a dishwasher  daily around here.

2. Do you have a favorite mug, cup, or glass? Describe it.

It's a heavy, earthy mug that features a songbird. It says, "Be still and know that I am God."

3. What laundry detergent do you use most often?

Arm & Hammer.  It does a good job cleaning, smells fresh, and fits my budget.

4. If you were a new bride registering for wedding gifts, what are some things you would put on your registry?

Good knives, white stoneware plates, Calphalon cookware, plush bath towels, lavender massage oil, Scrabble , hammer, screwdriver, nails, stainless trash bins.

5. Assuming your spouse is your best friend if you're married,  how would you describe your NEXT best friend? If you're not married, describe your best friend.

Loyal, funny, intelligent, hard-working, good listener, generous, kind, honest, adventurous, animal-loving, encouraging, creative, God-fearing, feisty, compassionate, talented.

6. What kind of music did you most recently listen to, and was it played on something electronic, or did you hear it live?

Praise music yesterday at church, so 'twas live.  Ironically we sang "We will wait upon the Lord" at breakneck speed.

7. Do you have a special Thanksgiving tradition that you really look forward to every year? What is it?

Writing on a paper leaf, 5 things (each eater) is thankful for, then hang on centerpiece "tree." Take a look here.

8. The last time you injured yourself, how did it happen?

Wore the wrong kind of shoes all day. Hurt my back after a while. Not very dramatic, huh?

9. What is your typical Tuesday evening like, from about 4-10 pm?

Facebook, Words with Friends, dinner, feed dogs, homework oversight if needed, TV, write my Hodgepodge post.

10. How long does it take you to get out of bed once you wake up in the morning ? Do you hit the snooze a lot, do you not even use an alarm, or are you a "rise and shine!' kind of person, eager to start the day?

Takes me a good half hour. Or bad half hour. I don't mind getting up, but give me time!

11.   What shoes do you wear most often?

They're similar to these Clarks side-zip shooties.  Good support, stylish, and go with jeans or slacks.


12. Ibuprofen (like Motrin or Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol), or aspirin (like Bayer)? Which one do you reach for most often for aches and pains? Or do you try other remedies first?

 Tylenol toxicity killed my SIL's mom.
 Ibuprofen seems to works best for my headaches and joint pains that occur occasionally.

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April said...

Hi Zoanna,
I don't think I've ever heard of Tylenol toxicity...how scary! We eat on paper plates when my hubby is out of town. I try to avoid running the dishwasher as much as I can. Be sure and drop by...I'm having a giveaway!