Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bits 'n Pieces

We are officially on Spring Break from school now. We get tomorrow off and all of next week. I feel free! No more lunches to pack, carpools to run, papers to sign, or uniforms to wash for an entire week. Wahoo! 

It's also Spring Break for my daughter, the first grade teacher, who is spending it in Florida. Lucky thing. Gonna miss her at the table.

While in the paint department of Home Depot today, a young mom stopped me and said, "Excuse me, ma'am. Do you have an eye for color?" I told her I thought so; I'm an art teacher. She exclaimed, "An art teacher? Score!"  Made me laugh and made my day.  She needed help deciding between two colors to go with her tile. That was fun.

I, in turn, held up three paint cards with  a total of 9 colors for my new guest/craft room. I asked her which of the top 6 she found both restful and inspiring.  I was hoping she'd choose my choice, Wickerware (by Behr).  She did. Score! 

One of my dear young friends won Teacher of the Year for our county. I am so excited for her.  And what's even better? She co-teaches with my nephew in the same fifth grade classroom. He's a special educator and they're quite a team. Two of the most hilarious people I've ever met, with hearts of gold.

I plunged into the A to Z Blog Challenge which starts April 1.
Nope, I have not written a word ahead of time. However, my theme is easy and I have made a tentative list of subjects for each post. I am stumped on several letters, though. I am also giving myself a word-limit challenge per post, as I know no one wants to read long posts if they're hopping around. I was something like blogger #1253  but I promise I won't write 1,253words per post.

My sister's baby "cooperated" at the sonogram today. They're having a Gender Reveal party Saturday, so you know I'll be back here with great news! And I won't even wait for B is for Boy or G is for Girl. No, way. I am not that patient! This is pretty exciting stuff!

If you want to read a sweet love story, in his own words, my engaged son Steve has posted here, "True Love Began with a Bag of Doritos." I was moved to tears. He's such a tender, funny, precious guy who's got a way with words. Love him to bits 'n pieces.  She does, too. Good thing, because they're gettin' hitched in three months!

Have a blessed Easter weekend, everyone.


Susan Kane said...

Always trust an art teacher in a paint department!

Congratulations to your teacher friend! That is quite an honor.

Will have to check out your son's blog.

Happy, Blessed Easter!

Jo said...

Lots of wedding bells in your house, hope all goes well. Will be interested to read your A to Z posts. Please remove the Captcha for the A to Z posts, you will find people won't bother to leave comments if you don't. There is a 'how to' on the A to Z website.


Lea Culp said...

You'll be an expert on weddings as well as paint colors in a few months.

I bet you and Joyce will have some of the best A-Z posts and I'll look forward to reading them. I can't imagine writing that many posts in one month.

Happy Easter to you and yours!