Friday, March 22, 2013

Rich in Random

How's that for a euphemistic title for  "I got a mishmash to talk about, with seemingly no connection"?

We bloggers are nothing if not  creative in our way to express our fragments, snippets, slices of life, hodgepodgery, tidbits and trivia.
My youngest is a born salesman. He has always been keen on making a buck. In fact, a couple months ago, when Sarah was getting ready to move out and Steve was apartment hunting, Joel said, "I don't like change."  I said, "I don't either, honey. I wish things could just stay the same."  He said, "No, I don't mean that. I mean, I like dollar bills, not change!"

At his school they have clubs that meet every Thrilling Thursday during the lunch/recess hour. He joined the School Store club. No surprise there. He and his cronies got to choose 5 different items from the Oriental Trading Company to stock the store with. Yesterday was the "grand opening," and he was so excited. The store is a rolling cart with the items. He and the other guy in the club got to be "the money people." When I asked him what the best-selling items were, he said two: the Books of the Bible pencils, and the stuffed bunnies.  I asked if he bought them. Pencil? Yes. Bunny? No. I asked if he thought it was a good idea to have purchased bunnies for the store since he and the other boys didn't buy them. "Of course! Because half the school are girls, Mom. It's all about profit."   I knew he had analyzed the market and seen green in those bunnies.

The profits go to the fund for the family in our school who lost their home in a fire at Christmas and their dad to cancer the next month.  The club decided that; was that not sweet and thoughtful? They made over $40 the very first day!

I'm looking forward to the Passover seder on Tuesday with my parents' congregation.   I wish the rest of the family shared my passion for it, but they don't.  I think just my daughter and I will be attending, and perhaps a friend of mine if room allows.

My sister Jill goes for her second sonogram next Wednesday. If the baby cooperates, they will find out if it's a boy or girl. Then, they are planning a Gender Reveal party at their house next Saturday.
It will be my first. Back in "my day,"  the gender was revealed on the birthing table. We announced the gender at the same time we said  this one was bald or loud or long-legged. Now we have parties . I think I'm excited. I certainly keep praying this baby makes it full-term.  It's not a given in life, and certainly not in my family's experience. This much I know: being an aunt again might feel a little grandmotherish to me!  I haven't seen Jill since Christmas myself!
 (The gal in the middle.)

I celebrated my oldest son's birthday with him yesterday. I blogged about it already, but given that it's long, I doubt it will receive much attention. Birthday posts seem only most interesting to those close to the birthday boy or girl, but I wrote it for me, for my own recollection, and perhaps for him and his kids in the event I ever get around to publishing my blog into a book. I would have to delete much of my rich randomness, I'm afraid, before doing that.  Currently my annual blog posts are as thick as a speed bump, and maybe not much more interesting.

My man is home today. Sick with a fever. Somehow when he's off I feel the urge to relax, too. Except by relaxing I mean blog and he means watch NCIS between naps on the couch.  My future DIL (the gal on the left, above) said to him last night, "Mr. Paul, I think you look like that main guy."  She means Agent Gibbs. We laughed. I mean, Mark Harmon has silver hair and dimples, and is tall. I guess there's a similarity! Anyhoo,  I love that show; my friends might be into many seasons of Downton Abbey, but me? I'm an NCIS aficionado.

I'm also a fan of the show.  But I love the word aficionado?  A Fish in Auto.   Hey, you gotta smile about that.

Time to change the laundry over. I hate change! And not just because I also love dollar bills! It's just that change is part of life, and  the cycle of dirty/clean/dry/folded/put away/worn/dirty never changes!

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