Monday, March 18, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts, #201-222

I keep counting, thanks to Ann Voskamp's inspiring dare...

A Gift in Wind, in Water, in White

201.  reminders that God's spirit is both gentle and powerful
202.  hydration
203.  a soft, long V-neck tee

3 Gifts Round

202.  three wee rings of mine (which I wrote a song about,
          sung to the tune of "We Three Kings")
203.  a clock I redecorated this past weekend
204.  my baby sister's belly in pregnancy

3 Gifts Found in Silence

205.  creative juices
206.  God's voice
207.  sleep

3 Gifts Given Away

208.  more than 240 pairs of new shoes from our church, for orphans
209.  encouragement
210.  cheerful service

3 Hard Eucharisteos

211.  chronic pain
212.  re-reading old journals and realizing I still struggle with the same things I did 5 years ago
213.  grief

A Gift Turned, Folded, Hung

214.   the key in the lock of my home
215.   fresh, clean laundry
216    this inspiration piece, now in my art studio,  made by my bloggy friend Rachel (whom
          I've met once in real life!)
Image of His Eye is on the Sparrow

3 Gifts Red

217.   my winter coat
218.   stop signs
219.   the blood of Jesus that cleanses us from all sin

3 Gifts Eaten

220.   pizza, after a long day
221.   chile relleno at a new Mexican restaurant
222.   LIFE cereal

1 comment:

Lea Culp said...

I always enjoy your "gift list" and am amazed at how you come up such perfect things.

I have two of Rachel's inspirational pieces in my house. She was the speaker for our ladies Spring Event at my church two years ago. She is TOPS!