Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts, #149-170

Joining with Others in Counting 1000 Gifts this year as "The Joy Dare,"  my list continues.

3 Gifts Seen as Reflections

149.   My son's face in the rearview mirror
150.   lamplight seen in the glass of the entertainment center
151.   a beaded blue necklace in the bathroom mirror

3 Ugly-Beautiful Gifts

152.  pain (as CS Lewis called it "God's megaphone")
153.  someone's limping along, which reminded me  it's not forever because he will get a new body
(as will I) in heaven
154.  repainted furniture

3 Gifts from the Past--that Help You Trust the Future

155.  Christ's death, burial, and resurrection
156.  forgiveness for yesterday's sins
157.  prayers of my ancestors on my behalf

A gift Dull, Shimmering, Cleaned

158.   my kitchen
159.   a "lake of shining waters" I pass each morning en route to school
160.   bath tub

3 Gifts at 3 PM

161.  a new heating system today !!!!!
162.  prescriptions at a reasonable price
163.  anticipation of seeing my son after school every day

3 Gifts Green

162.  daffodil shoots
163.  cash
164.  my husband's eyes

3 Gifts Worn

165  slippers
166.  glasses
167.  wedding rings

3 Gifts Hard to Give Thanks For

168.  old heating system that quit last Friday
169.  bone spurs
170.  age spots

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