Monday, March 11, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts, #171-200

I haven't felt thankful much this past week. It's been difficult. Good thing I have Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare list to direct my thoughts toward finding a few gifts to be grateful for.


3 Gifts Found

171.  sleep that had eluded me
172.  great craft table for my room makeover
173.  insights by Priscilla Shirer in her Bible study book One in a Million

A Gift Bent, Broken, Beautiful

174.   my lower back, after being stiff
175.   my heart
176. . an encouraging card from a friend, tucked in a book she is lending me

3 Gifts in the Kitchen

177.   meatloaf, made especially for my husband
178.   bread pudding, one of his favorites
179.   the desire to cook even when being on my feet today was painful

3 Gifts Loud

180.   pre-adolescent boys' voices singing while playing video games
181.   bing-bing-bing reminder to take my keys out of ignition
182.   cheering which I imagine took place when my favorite English teacher was met in heaven

3 Gifts Carved

183.  bones carved by God,  in my body, before I was born
184.  the beautiful medallion design in my Victorian organ
185.  fresh deli turkey

3 Gifts in Christ

195.  conviction
196.  forgiveness
197.  hope

3 Gifts Read

198.  Power Thoughts, by Joyce Meyer
199.  Followed, by Elaine Dauber Thornton (my aunt), a mystery I'm a few chapter into
200.  my son's creative writing piece, called "The Dumpster Genie" 

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