Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sunday Snippets

Snippet 1  -- We are getting really cold in our house. Our heat pump broke yesterday.
It's something we've been expecting for at least the last two winters, and since we've noticed a drastically inefficient AC system the last two summers, it was just a matter of time.
It wasn't too bad being low on heat yesterday, but now I am feeling it. My legs ache.  My dad called last night and issued an invitation to their place if we get too cold. I will take them up on it if need be. But they keep their house almost too toasty. (Like grandparents everywhere, I suppose.) We got a couple estimates for a new HVAC system and have agreed to hire one on Tuesday. I can hardly wait.
Of course, I'd rather be deposit that amount of money into my Italy fund, but I guess being warm in the here and now is more important.

Snippet 2 --  I am very grateful that we have the cash on hand for it. My husband's company prospered this year and was able to pay out bonuses.  The money went in to the bank Thursday and the heat pump died Friday. 

Snippet 3 -- My daughter Sarah has been on the hunt for a great, comfy chair for her new bedroom, a chair she can curl up to read, watch TV, grade papers, or have a friend sit in instead of on the bed when visiting.  She and I went to a consignment shop yesterday where she saw a beautiful white one, but it was slightly out of her price range.  Even after some dickering (which I did for her, because she hates to haggle and I love my mad negotiating skilz--haha!) it was more than she wanted to pay for something she wasn't 100% in love with.  She left the store empty handed and headed south to look at one from a Craigslist source. Well, the lady wasn't getting back her to quickly, so she decided to kill some time at Just Cabinets.  The story she tells on her blog is one of God's faithfulness in the details and I think it will bring you to tears, or maybe to a smile, or both. 

Snippet 4-- What in the world was going on at JoAnn's today? There were more customers at the cutting counter than bees in a hive.  Sarah went in for tiebacks. I went in to price volleyball-sized styrofoam balls. That's all.  At $15 a ball, I said fuhgettaboudit! I need 6 to make topiaries for the school play, but still have to add greens and paint and dowel rods. My goal is to make all 4 topiaries for $60, although I've not been given a budget.  If you have any creative ideas on how to make topiaries without styrofoam balls, please leave me a comment! I want to produce four in a week.

Snippet 5-- I went to my oldest son and daughter-in-law's  church today, and took the youngest son, and also met up with our daughter.  Sarah warned me I'd feel old there; it'd be mostly college age students and mid-twenty-somethings.   Oh, my goodness. She was right!They meet in a tiny old Lutheran church and are packed in tight as boxes on a UPS truck.  But despite the age difference, I felt the presence and love of God there. The young (28 year old pastor, single) had an excellent message on learning to hear God's voice in solitude, and learning more about the life of Jesus by reading the gospels (whatever else you read), and acting on His promptings.

While it's not a church I'd probably connect with every week, it's certainly one where my son and his wife are being spiritually well-fed.

Snippet 6-- A funny thing my 11-year-old  son said today in the car, as his big sister drove and I rode shotgun.

Her: So, those Instagram pictures of that girl you like at school, what's her name?
Him: I don't like her! I just "LIKE" her pictures.
Her: Why?
Him: They look emu .
Her: Do you mean emo?
Him: Yeah.
Her: No, they don't. You don't even know what "emo" means.
Him:  Well, YOU don't know what EMU means!
Her: Yes, I do. An emu is like a llama, Joel.  It's not something a girl would want you to say she looks like.
Him: Well, llama tell you this--!

Snippet 7: I'm watching the mini-series called The Bible tonight, are you?


Zoanna said...

PS The funny part was Sarah saying an emu was like a llama. Well, yeah, sort of, in a very big bird sort of way!

April said...

Yes...I tuned in to watch "The Bible" and was 25 mins. late. So bummed! I'm setting my DVR so that I don't miss any more episodes. I loved your Snippet #6...gotta love kids! Enjoy your Monday!

Carrie B said...

#2..isn't it 'funny' how things just work out. Nice.
#6... I thought it was all funny!
#3... I think your link to Sarah's blog is wrong but I found it on the side. Another instance when 'things just work out' God is Good.