Thursday, March 14, 2013

OCD Has New Meaning

My conversion experience continues. The experience of converting of my daughter's room into my hobby room, that is.  I have become fixated on this project,  thinking about how I want the room to look and feel and function. I've been rearranging, planning, decluttering, and dreaming. I've been scouring  Pinterest for inspiration, Craigslist for a queen-size headboard, and the house for things I can repurpose.

I'm having fun.

In the big categories of this room makeover  there's a bit of OCD:  Organizing, Creating, and Daydreaming.


-sewing supplies 
-art supplies
-scrapbooking supplies
-gift wrapping supplies


1)  a theme ... and the best I've come up with is my twist on "An American in Paris" --mixing my love of Shaker style furniture, Normal Rockwell, and homespun plaids and calico, with my love of  swirls of wrought iron, Renoir, and toile joli (pretty toile).  Also thinking "songbirds and flowers" as a subtheme.  Okay, am I nuts? Who decorates with subthemes, anyway?

2) things with scripture to surround me.  I need His Word ever before me and in me, if I want to have it spill out of me.  Currently I'm working on transforming a clock that I had in the Goodwill pile. The new paint job is drying as I type.

3) a room that reflects my personality without driving me (or any occupant of the house) crazy.  However, my personality DOES drive my family and me crazy, so that mission ought to be easy to accomplish. I want the room to be both calming and vibrant.  A peacefully invigorating space.  Sounds like an oxymoron. That, my friends, is my biggest challenge. Bigger than painting pale yellow over deep purple.  Oy.


1) of sharing my space, time, love, and resources with other women (more on that soon)
2) of  doing all sorts of arts and crafts with future grandchildren (can't help it; you might say I'm all for creation, otherwise known as procreation!). No pressure, kids. Really. None. But I have been looking at baby quilt patterns...

Yep. My official self-diagnosis for this passion to organize, create, and daydream is "OCD" !

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