Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Soup de la Semaine: Rainbow Bean

My soup of the week is Rainbow Bean. It's a good ole fashioned 15-bean soup with a slightly sweet taste because it has delicious Manwich in the base.

In addition to the beans, it has baby carrots, whole kernel corn, potatoes and a lot of love.

This soup costs less to make than the Provencal. It's very hearty and keeps for several days in the fridge (except around here where nothing tasty lasts that long). It freezes okay, but not great because of the potatoes.

If you'd like some, please order by leaving a comment, emailing, or calling me. I still haven't found my essential bread machine part (the kneader) but will provide yummy rolls that I think will complement this soup.

I need orders by noon Friday. If emailing, please allow several hours for email to go thru. It's not always instantaneous, unfortunately.

For each 16 oz .........$7.00
For each roll...................50

Sorry I can't provide dessert. I did so last week and wound up not staying on my Daniel Diet that day. Apple crumble gets me every time! (Sarah made it superbly, in my opinion. Now dd has joined me on the "D.D.")


Anonymous said...

The apple crumble was amazing, we both thought so. Please tell Sarah it was delicious!

Joe said...

Manwich! What a great idea!