Saturday, September 29, 2007

Clothes to Donate to GAiN, Anyone?


This is a friendly reminder to all who are going through the change--of seasons, that is, with clothing.

Lord willing, I will be going up to the Global Aid Network warehouse in PA in two weeks. I will take as many bags of good, used (or new!) clothing as I can fit into my van.

So, if you would like to give in this way, I'd be glad to take your stuff up there. I would really prefer they be in garbage bags so they'll easily squish to accomodate others. Please label them GAiN. If you'd like a receipt, please note that on your bag. I won't remember who told me what.
I will try to get a receipt for you, but can't promise. It'll be blank for your to valuate and record, if I can by law pick up multiple blank receipts.

Also, if you'd like to donate new school supplies, please go to the GAIN website to see what they put in their care packs ( Please put this kind of thing in a bag or box clearly labeled "For care packs".

Here's what I'm hoping to take up:
-any season, any size, both genders of clothing
-shoes for children especially, but will take teen and adult sizes
-baby blankets, cot blankets

Please remember that GAiN volunteers sort all the clothing, assess each piece for stains, holes, tears, etc. They have to throw out anything like that, and WEIGH it. (Yes, there are some dumb rules, in my opinion, that nonprofits have to abide by. One is that the weight of donations brought in equals the weight going on, trashed donations and all. Also, they are good about sending modest clothing, so please don't send things like halter tops, spaghetti strap items, or lingerie. Consider sending bras (new or used) in good shape. I saw girls in the orphanages who clearly should have been wearing one, but probably didn't have one.

What else? "Warm and snuggly items are premium," I keep hearing last year's volunteer director say, with her fists tucked under her chin like she was cold. Footed pajamas, hoodies, sweatshirts, fuzzy socks, slippers.

I also remember asking Lena (one of our Russian interpreters who was wearing long sleeves in June), "What about winters here? Do you just get used to the cold?" He shook her head adamantly.

"Oh, no! You never get used to the cold."

I need donations by Oct. 11th. Thank you very, very much on behalf of needy people the world over. It may seem like a small thing to you, but it's a tangible gift of love to those who have very little.

ADDENDUM: Sarah reminded me in her comment, so I'm going back to tack this on. You can donate an entire care pack that you fill yourself and put a letter and picture of yourself and family in it. I can tell you from personal experience at Mosha's house in Russia, that she absolutely BEAMED when she showed me her keepsake letter from a caring couple in America, picture and all! GAIN asks for $5 per care pack to help cover shipping, and you can find out all the specifics at their website. I'll be happy to take them up for you.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I will have stuff for you. I will have it in white trash bags labeled "GAIN". I would like a receipt. If you don't know that you could get a receipt, I may donate somewhere else. I really have a lot, that's the only reason I would ask for a receipt. Let me know and I'll have it ready within the week :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me I need to get a carepack or few together. I wish it didn't cost 5 dollars to cover shipping, otherwise I'd do a whole lot more!

Zoanna said...

Beth, I left a msg for GAIN to call me back about issuing receipts to me for multiple donors. I should hear back from them early next week.If I don't, I'll call again. Thanks so much for your generosity.

Jessi said...

I just had a crazy thought, Zo...Lancaster is really quite close to where we are...when are you going to volunteer? I was thinking it might be cool to take a couple of my kids out there to volunteer (I think our old church did that a few years back)... it was a passing thought, but something I might check into further. It makes a big difference for me having a connection to the organization now through you.

Zoanna said...

Hey, Jessi, that would be really fun to meet you in person--and work side by side in ministry for a day! I'm going up, Lord willing, Saturday, Oct 13th. It'll be crazy busy with volunteers and our Russia missions team will have sort of a mini-reunion since 2 girls are coming down from somewhere in PA. If you show up, look for me wearing a brown GaIn T=shirt that's plain on front and says "Lift up your eyes..." on the back with wheat sheaves pictured. There might even be a group of us wearing brown shirts, some who went to Siberia or outlying Russian cities! Sarah also plans to be there that day. She's 5'10, easier to spot in a crowd than I am. You might find me at the sewing machines making a gospel apron, or at the mending table. Or at the spot a pot! Who knows!The fun thing is you can move about whenever and wherever you want.

Jessi said...

Oh, bummer...I definitely won't be able to make the 13th...we have a wedding that day. Oh, well. It would have been fun to meet in person. Maybe someday! I may still check into heading out; I'll have to see what our schedule hold for Oct.

Zoanna said...

That is a bummer--not the wedding, but the schedule conflict! Is this THE wedding that you bought the dress for that didn't make it home and all that hooha?
The warehouse is only open to the public certain times in the fall. This fall it's Oct 8-17th. I normally go on a Thursday with our church school, but this year ,since the missionaries' little reunion is best on a Saturday , it definitely trumps the "easier" day (less crowded) during the week. You'd be blessed to go, you really would.