Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pizza Bagels or Pizza Toms: Fast Food for Tired Moms

Depending on your choice of bread--bagels or Thomas's English Muffins--these little disks inspire kids of all ages. I thought maybe you moms with young kids might want to try this if you haven't lately. The beauty is you can set out all the ingredients and let your kids make their own pizzas. It'll keep them busy, they'll be thrilled with their own individual creations, and you get to sit down and take a break. Or nurse the baby. Or read your Bible. Or check blogs. Ask them to pretty please make a couple pizzas for you, too!

You'll need:
bagels or English muffins
pizza sauce (we prefer Don Pepino's in a can)
shredded mozzarella
bag of pepperoni (optional)

No knives, no measuring--and no supervision needed, really, after age 4, if you ask me. Just tell them to make their pizza with sauce first, then cheese, and if they want, pepperoni. For an educational touch, tell them to write the first letter of their name with cheese. Got an artist? Maybe they can form a duck or a gun or whatever. I mean, the longer they play with their food, the longer your break. Works for me!

Toast in toaster oven till cheese is melted. Kids love to stand there and watch it melt. No need to time it, really. It's usually done enough for kids when the cheese is gooey!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've made these before and they're tasty. Whole wheat pita bread also works great, and is what I usually use.