Friday, January 02, 2009

Academy Awards from my Kitchen

Thought it'd be fun to post my favorites in various categories from 2008. Not movies, but less glamorous stuff. Foodstuffs, to be exact.

For example, I tried a few new recipes and can remember the Oscars they got. I'm too lazy to link to every one of them right now, but if you're interested, click on "recipes" in my sidebar. They're all there.

Best Noodle Dish: Don't Invite the Rabbi, Just the Pasta (one I invented)
Best Breakfast: Baked Apple Oatmeal (courtesy of Briana A. )
Best Beverage: French Vanilla Hot Cocoa (courtesy of Danielle)
Best No-Bake Dessert: Blueberry Pie (courtesy of Danielle)
Best New Hot Sandwich: Eggplant, Red Pepper, and Feta Panini (?source)
Best New Cold Sandwich: Combat Training Shrimp Wraps (my invention)
Best New Soup: Seafood Bisque (my adaptation of one from

Stay tuned. The nominations are still out in other categories.

Have you got any new recipes from the past year that deserve red-carpet recognition?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I haven't started my New Year's diet yet!
I hear carbs callin my name!
I like the Mediterranean Mojo recipe. I'm going to try it soon! (Will cook for compliments!)
I've only posted one recipe on my blog. We like it at our house. Fleskpannkaka (Swedish Oven Pork Pancake)

Anonymous said...

Oh and please do tell me what are the main seasonings in the Med. mojo seasoning?

Anonymous said...

Laurie "Lunn" is Laurie "Lynn" in a hurry!

Anonymous said...

I too, am in favor of Briana's baked oatmeal. Love that stuff!

Anonymous said...

I love trying "real" people's favorite recipes. Usually they are a hit. I need to pull out your pasta recipe soon. sounds yum.