Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not exactly overheard

In class we have moved on to studying the Midatlantic states. Each student chose a state to become an "expert" on. (As there is no definitive demarcation of which states qualify for this region, I chose six-- from NY down to VA-- since I have six students.)

On Monday I handed out the decade poster assignment they were to do at home. On Tuesday I started the new geography unit to be done during class time. I handed out blank maps. The kids labeled and colored things like major cities, crops, landforms, and such. This coming week I will surprise them with a fun (I hope fun) assignment in which they have to arrange a 14-day vacation through the Midatlantic region for a fictitious family from France who have just arrived and are in in Kansas City, Mo, but since that's a rather boring place (unless you're at a Women of Faith conference with your BFF named Barb), they want to see part of the East Coast.
They will have to convert currency since they just arrived with euros. Their 11 year old daughter, Lisette, wants to ride a roller coaster, her dad wants to see the Naval Academy, and her mom wants to see the Statue of Liberty. Those are compulsory stops on the vacation. The students have to create an itinerary that will suit the well-to-do family.

The kids don't know what the project is yet, only that there will be one.

"I'm giving you two maps," I said. "If you mess up one, you'll have a second handy and I won't have to run and quickly make a new copy. Try not to mess it up anyway, because I would like for you save the second copy for next week's geography project."

Said one student directly to anyone within earshot, "If I hear the word project one more time, I'm homeschooling."


Amy said...


I hate to say it, but that student sounds a lot like me! I also have to admit, though, that YOUR projects sound like a lot of fun.

Toby & Kelly said...

If that's true, they'd love mt homeschool - we almost never do projects! Just don't tell mt girls about your projects - I'd never hear the end of it!

Marisa said...

That's hilarious!