Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Top 8 in '08

Kristin shared her top 8 blessings/memories from '08. It prompted me to think of mine.

Here are mine:

1. Improvement in our marriage
2. Watching my children mature in the Lord and serve the church
3. Wonderful vacation in Myrtle Beach--had just my own little family, no tag- alongs...loved it.
4. Jobs: Paul's great new job as AVP of underwriting; Ben's as a tree feller; Sarah's as a church secretary; Steve's as a salesman at a Christian bookstore, Joel's as a comedian, mine as a teacher
5. Watching my children use their God-given bents (Ben in business, Sarah with young children, Steve in music and theology, Joel in art) and their love of learning/discipline to study hard.
7. God's care for family members' health: my sister's benign tumor, Ben's multiple hospital incidents, my parents' renewed strength, my new orthotics
8. A fun Saab story to tell plus a Jeep for Stephen, the two together costing only 4600 bucks.

Consider leaving your top 8 here or use this as a tag and let me know.

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