Thursday, January 15, 2009

Still Silent but Working

...on my new blog look. Please take a sneak peek and speak up.

The new blog is called "Miss Ellen E" and the URL is easy to remember: (It's a whole lot easier to spell than "miscellany, " huh?)


Karen said...

love the pens on your header. ;)

Amy said...

Miss Ellen E - cute :) I've tried twice to leave a comment there but it won't go through, so I'll leave it here.

The background is really pretty, but it's very hard to read--I don't think it's opaque enough where the text is. Black is better than white, but still not fabulous. Red is okay, purple is impossible. The background is just too busy underneath the text.

I come to your blog to read your lovely while the aesthetic is important, and I love to look at a lovely blog...I'll tend to get frustrated more quickly if I can't get what I came for easily :)

zz said...

Thanks, Karen,
Thanks, Amy.
Amy, I left a comment for you over at missellene, basically agreeing that, while pretty, the background makes the text hard to read (regardless of color and size). I'll probably can it.