Thursday, January 15, 2009

Breadmaking Evangelism

This morning in my Bible study on David, I was reading in First Samuel 21 where David, the fugitive warrior-shepherd running from Madman King Saul, shows up in Nob before the priest Ahimelech , hungry, scared, tired. David asks for bread.

So the priest gave him the holy bread, for there was no bread there but the
bread of the Presence....

These are the loaves that are placed in
the temple sabbath after sabbath
as a reminder of the covenant of everlasting

How about I make bread every Friday to help us remember His covenant love with us? I started thinking again about how wonderful it would be to use my bread machine regularly. Is there anything that matches the aroma of fresh-baked bread? It fills the house with warmth and serenity like the very Presence of Jesus.

Wouldn't it be good to make a practice of remembering God's covenant love to me in a visible, tangible, edible way? To look forward to warm, delicious bread every Friday night (when sabbath begins)...what a pleasant thing. To think of the Bread of Life. As often as ye eat or drink, remember Me.

I would more purposefully think on Jesus--and on Susan-- from Saturday to Friday if I put evangelistic breadmaking into my week.

As often as ye eat or drink, remember Me, says the Lord. He didn't mean "as often as you take communion at church and hear these liturgical words."
I admit, I don't think of Jesus every time I pull a slice of bread out of the wrapper, I don't think of Him right away when I eat tortillas or muffins or even bread pudding. But there is something about smelling a loaf of bread baking that lifts my entire soul heavenward and makes me grateful. When I put a little bit of yeast into the machine and think of my sin ("a little leaven leavens the whole lump") I do think of Jesus who is Faithful and Just to forgive me of all sin.

Thoughts of breadmaking flowed rapidly, and before I knew it, God had prompted me to start wanting to make bread for my neighbor Susan. I have been praying for her for a long time, but I fail miserably at reaching out to her. I feel awkward about asking her to church when I hardly make contact about ordinary stuff, but I would have no trouble taking fresh, warm bread to her every Friday night.

I will, by God's grace, start making bread sabbath after sabbath. My prayer is that, after five loaves, Susan will start hungering for the Bread of Life. And I will be used to deliver the Bread.
photo courtesy of Justin Clayton @ He does amazing work!


Laurie Lynn said...

What a delicious substantial idea...
Our Lord, Bread, Susan

Anonymous said...

That is a fabulous and natural way to reach out to Susan with bread and the bread of life!!

Amy said...

sounds like a wonderful idea!

itsboopchile said...

Thank you, that is a great idea.
Betty G