Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Gospel Primer for Whom?

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Anonymous said...

Here's a request for you. Can you do a grammar post on who vs. whom? I've looked it up many a time, but have a hard time keeping it in my head. Is there a simple/easy way to remember?

Anonymous said...

Sure, Danielle. I think the easiest way to remember is this:
If you could use "him" instead, then use "whom". "Who" is a pronoun used in the subjective case (ie could be the subject of a sentence), but "whom" is objective (is the objective of a verb or preposition).

So, in my title, you could say , "A Gospel Primer for Him?" but not "A Primer for He?"

To whom, for whom, of whom--those "whoms" are all objects of a prep. "Who is calling?" "Who has money these days?" "Who cares about grammar?"--those are all subjects.

Does that help?

I always have to think twice before using "who" or "whom." Sometimes I just change my whole sentence to avoid it. But, in short, if you can use "him," you should use "whom."

Anonymous said...

Clarity at last! Thank you! Those examples helped a lot.

Amy said...

a perfect example of knowing the rule, but not the proper terms. I have a hard time keeping subjective/objective straight--or at least I never think about it--I always use the "him" trick!