Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Dozen Church-related Wishes

Once in a while, I'd love to experience the following at my own church on a Sunday morning.

1. a completely a capella worship time in place of instrumental accompaniment
Nothing beats the beauty of 500 voices singing God's praises in unison.

2. the tithe collected in silence, with only music playing
Tithing is, after all, an act of worship.

3. no one getting up to leave or return from their seat for a whole five minutes
Be still and know that I am God. Be still.

4. dancing...and I don't mean jiggling or swaying
Neither counts.

5. a dresses-only day (for women and girls, that is)
Not a conviction, not even a habit, but I enjoy seeing ladies dress as such.

6. all men in suits and ties
I love suits. My man in a suit and tie especially.

7. congregants bringing hand-held percussion instruments with which to worship
The children would be actively engaged here...a very good alternative for non-readers.

8. the service led by mature teens who are doctrinally sound, articulate, and passionate for God
I have someone in mind.

9. a men's choir
Remember angels in the Bible had names like Michael and Gabriel.

10. a very big orchestra
My favorites would include trumpets, violins, flutes, and a harp. I know electric instruments are practical and even sound good when skillfully played, but I'd rather see the volume increased by the number of instruments, not by the turn of a dial.

11. a drama
The talent in our midst is only being tapped annually. Time's fleeting!

12. a time of turning to one another and greeting them, cued from the pulpit
I appreciate this practice most when I visit another church. Takes the tension out a bit and helps me feel not ignored. Some folks (me included) just need to be prompted.


Anonymous said...

You've got some BIG wishes. ;) I have experienced #2, #3, #5, #6, #8, #12 at my previous churches . . .

I think #1 would be particularly excellent.

Kelly said...

I especially like the men's choir idea - there's something wonderful about the deep, rich tones of men's voices lifted in praise.

itsboopchile said...

I would add, get rid of the drums. Think of the elderly like us. Drums ruin our whole day with their boom! boom!
Betty G

krista said...

#'s 1, 2, 3 and 5 are still regular parts of the service at the church where I grew up. All of the boys/men wear dress pants and a nice shirt if not a suit (#6). #8 has occurred occasionally in recent years which is exciting.

I grew up in a very small church. We joke about this but it's true: during deer hunting season we'd only reach into the 30's for attendance. That and I'm related to half the congregation!

Laurie Lynn said...

I like the idea of young men “teens” leading worship. How excellent when a young man in our fellowship shares a scripture and meditation about it in the extended time Lord’s Supper (Breaking of Bread / Remembrance) meeting! I don’t even care if they are not articulate if they are passionate for God’s heart and Word! And if they are passionate about His Word, God is surely conforming them to be doctrinally sound!