Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Never Mind

I'm not going to read any "real books" for the 20s with my students. Rather, I am going to do something unprecedented: stick with the textbook and accompanying workbook. That is so unlike me, I can hardly bear to go public with the news. :(

I took time after school today to plan the next 2 weeks of history. The only thing above-and-beyond I did was make a Harding and Coolidge worksheet based on two articles in the teacher's manual.

BizTown was cancelled today because we had a 2-hour school delay. Before I ventured into the lion's den, though, I made sure I had a new date to announce to the pride. I would've been their afternoon snack without it!


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that even sticking to the textbook is fun and interesting with Mrs. Z.!
Why do we so often feel we need to go above and beyond, add to, make better, out do, heap up pressure? Ya know? I know the feeling and the pressure and the
temptation, but I think I know even better (at least I'm learning) the freedom gained through reality checks.
So glad you were safe in the lion's den! ;)

Anonymous said...

We live in Lindsborg (Little Sweden USA)... very touristy for KS. I think you and Barb should try to come to Lindsborg when you're in KS!
I was born in Sterling.
Grew up in Hutch. (My folks are still there, but they are originally both from near Oakland MD (Aurora, WV). We used to drive back for vacations every year.)
I went to Nickerson High kindo of close to Hutch..
May have been to Alden, but can't recall. Hmmmm. Anything of interest there? Sounds familiar.

Anonymous said...

No kidding, you went to Nickerson High? So did my dad for a while. And you were born in Sterling. Small world. I mean, of all the people I could have met virtually, I meet YOU born in podunk Sterling, Ks! My dad's parents lived there for years and years. Did you ever hear of the Daubers? Grandpa pastored a couple of churches, including the AME.

ABout school pressure, I do bring it on myself, but having started my elementary years with "social studies textbooks" I didn't grow up liking history. I thought geography was dry. It wasn't until college when the prof of an American history class made us read passages from 10 real books per topic (Great Depression, Titanic, WWII) from authors passionate about the subject that I had a change of heart. Then when I homeschooled so long with real books and writing assignments that actually tied history, lit, art, etc, together, it made me never want to go back to "Egypt." However, I must remember, God was faithful in Egypt, and if I recall my ancient history, even did a few miracles. If he can turn the Nile to blood, I'm sure He can turn textbook pages into hap'nin history!

Anonymous said...

Zoanna, I would like to say hello to Laurie from Lindsborg! I too was born in Sterling and have grown up and still live in Chase. I pass through Lindsborg every Thursday on my way to Salina to see my grandsons. I am excited to follow your blog and get to know you.It is a small world after all!

Anonymous said...

It is a small world! And God is so good about bringing such encouraging connections through the body of Christ!! I love that!

No, I don’t know the Dauber name.
We didn’t live in Sterling long because my dad got a job in Hutch soon after I was born.

You are a good teacher, Zoanna, I just know it! We home schooled, but I never felt I was as passionate as I dreamed I should be (especially about history), but I am impressed and wowed by those who are!
I’m praying you’ll land where you need to and trust God, as you said, “to turn textbook pages into hap'nin history!” He can do it!

How cool is that?
Since Lindsborg is between McPherson and Salina, we go to Mac to see our grandchildren and mostly to Salina to do our more serious shopping! (Serious like Lowes for Mike and the thrift stores for me! ;))