Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweeter than Chocolate Cake

I'm glad God gave me Joel. It's been too many years since I got to hear sweet nothings semi-often from my offspring. Last night my baby gave me this precious verbal gift.


Kelly said...

That is so sweet - I'm melting, too!

Anonymous said...

LOVE is a nice scent!

Oh my goodness, that is sweet! I'd be able to "live on that" for awhile!

I tell our daughters with such huggable aged children (all 6 children are under 4 yrs old) that there will come a time when the kids won't want to be hugged, so hug them and kiss them at every opportunity now!
Also I may have some wishful, hopeful thinking, but do they REALLY not want to be hugged? Don't they know "how sweet it is" to be shown such love?

LOVE is a very nice scent!

krista said...

Just precious! :o)