Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Math

Here is an entertaining look at why I don't teach math.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!
I love it! Oh my word!
I was reminded of my Aunt Arlene who used to teach math to "special" students. She told me about a touch point system she uses for some kids when teaching addition. When she explained it I was so surprised because I thought I had come up with it! 3 has three points. (Can you see em?)
4 has four points. (right?)
and 5 has five points etc. Well it made sense to me. This "touch point" system is an actual legitimate thing, ya know?!
My Aunt told me that when she adds, she takes the 5's out of each number (above 5), counts by 5's then comes back to pick up any leftovers. I don't know if you call that new math... it's more like math tricks that work, kinda, I guess, but I certainly wouldn't TEACH these tricks unless absolutely neccesary!

Anonymous said...

That is exactly why I only took general math and I still run screaming when I see a math book. Like Laurie I too learned the touch math. Still use it on those blonde moment days! It works, so don't fix it!